Namadingo shares never-seen-before image of his daughter


‘Mapulani’ star Patience Namadingo took to social media yesterday to share a never seen before image of his daughter.

The Malawian musician posted on his Facebook page a photo of himself with his daughter on his back.

“Father & Child. Thanks to Rehanna,” he wrote.

It is the first time Namadingo has posted about his daughter on social media and the first time thousands of his fans have seen the musician’s daughter or even got to know that he has a child.

Namadingo got engaged to his sweetheart Rehanna in 2019. Over the years, there had been rumours about the status of their relationship as people speculated that the couple had separated.

Last year, Namadingo shut down the gossip by featuring Rehanna in a video for his song Bafumu Bane.

In a Facebook post, Namadingo said Rehanna “has an extremely private life” and like to “stay away from the eyes of the public.”

Malawians on social media have made a similar observation following the release of the image of Namadingo’s daughter.

“Joker phaaa! Pangolin atanyamula joker chete. Ife maturity iyi inatikanika Dr. Mkazi wa Peshe ndi Wife Material enafe tinangogwera ndithu. How? Is it even possible? Kubereka mwana kukula osamuonako paliponse? Anzathu munadala sure! (Namadingo’s wife is a wife material. How is it possible to have a child and without posting the child’s image anywhere),” wrote one person on social media.

Another person said: [Rehanna’s] privacy is top notch..She is cute.”

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