Liwonde Secondary suspends boarding services over Satanism rumours


Boarding students at Liwonde Secondary School in Machinga will be reporting for classes from home after the administration suspended boarding services over rumours of satanic attacks in the girls’ hostels.

According to Ishmael Mgadamika who is the school’s headteacher, there have been reports that girls at their hostels are experiencing strange and threatening moments especially at nights.

Mgadamika told the local media that the school administration has received many complaints from boarding students who are accusing a fellow female student to be behind those satanic attacks.

He reported that following the accusations on the girl, some students have been planning to physically attack her back so that she should stop the said satanic attacks on her fellow students.

Mgadamika said the administration was of the view that the plot by students would not only victimise the accused girl but would as well see school property being damaged in the process, hence the idea to suspend boarding services.

The suspension means all students who were staying in the school’s hostels will be reporting for classes from their homes until further notice by the school administration.

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