DPP fundraising dinner: The second coming or a meeting of madmen?


From a distance, DPP is set to hold a glamorous event of a kind this evening. The organisation appears on point. Suggestive of careful planning and preparation. But this is just one side of the complex.

The other has to do with the attendees of the function.

I hear APM is the guest of honour at the event. And as a guest of honour, he will likely speak. Now, APM speaking at this event, or any other, is not exactly a problem. But the thing is, APM is never predictable with his subject choices, let alone choice of words on any given topic.

In the past, he has on more than one occasion said more than was necessary to at a moment. Perhaps he is extra like that.

With regard to this evening’s event, I sincerely hope that wherever he is, he is in a pretty good mood. He is all chilled and his spirits are high. But most importantly, he has not prepared a surprise package for anyone. This is the last thing anyone skating on the blue plane, needs at the moment.

I must also say that the warm reception this event has received from the public has surprised me, the same way when the public warmly reacted to Chilima’s antics up north a few days ago.

Had this event been been organised within a year of Chakwera’s ascendency to the presidency, I swear this would have been dubbed a meeting of madmen the second it was announced.

But somehow, this has been embraced as a legit reorganization move.

Oh! How times quickly change…