Nothing wrong with Kayuni’s appointment as Principal Secretary – analyst


A social and political commentator has downplayed concerns that the appointment of former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Steven Kayuni as the new Principal Secretary – Legal at the Ministry of Homeland Security will compromise the fight against corruption.

Reports indicate that Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba has written and informed Kayuni of his appointment as the Principal Secretary for Legal at the Ministry of Homeland Security which is also responsible for Police, Prison and immigration services.

The news about Kayuni’s appointment has ignited debate especially on social media where some people have labelled the appointment as political while others say this is the continuation of appeasement policy by the Tonse administration.

According to critics, Kayuni’s appointment will affect the fight against corruption in Malawi in regard to his personal complaint which led to the controversial arrest of Anti Corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma over last year’s leaked audio.

“Let’s forget about fight against corruption, ubwino wake nthawi nde ikuthamanga pano already tili mu March (the good thing is that time is not on our side, we are already in March),” commented one Facebook user on our page.

However, political commentator Wonderful Mkhutche has a different view of the matter saying Kayuni is an experienced civil servant and he is therefore a good appointment for the new role at the ministry of Homeland Security.

Mkhutche told Malawi24 that after the DPP fiasco, it was only wise to put Kayuni into another position where his knowledge and skills will be of importance.

He added that Kayuni’s firing as DPP did not mean he had been dismissed from the civil service.

“There is nothing political or even appeasement. Dr. Kayuni taking the new role does not affect the fight against corruption. Yes, he set a bad example during his time as the DPP. But now we have other people in those positions and they simply have to deliver.

“What happened is now the past and we have to make sure that with the new people in place continues the fight against corruption and win it,” reacted Mkhutche.

Kayuni last year filed a complaint with Malawi Police that Chizuma in a leaked audio described him as corrupt and compromised.

Police in the early hours of December 6 last year invaded Chizuma’s residence where they arrested her.

Critics argue that the arrest was a plot to intimidate the ACB Director due her courage in fighting corruption.

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