Driemo, Atoht Manje apologise after police cut short concerts in South Africa


Malawi music stars Driemo and Atoht Manje have apologized to fans in South Africa after their concerts were cut short by Police.

On 3rd March , Driemo and Atoht Manje’s show in Cape Town show was ended by the Police as the capacity of the venue could not accommodate the crowd which resulted in Driemo only performing part of his set.

Yesterday at Tijuca in Johannesburg, Police also cancelled their show due to overcrowding. This time, Driemo had not performed.

The event organisers tried to plead with the police but the law enforcers refused to change their stance .

“I feel bad that my Joburg family has been let down in this way. If I had authority to move the show to bigger venue, I would have done so. The event organisers say that next time they will try to take a different approach so they can make up for such inconvenience,“ Driemo said.

On his part, Atoht Manje said they will go back to properly apologise to their fans.

“We have agreed that we will go back and perform at a bigger venue,” said Atoht Manje.

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