Lilongwe City Council geared to finish projects in the city


Lilongwe City Council Mayor Richard Banda says the council is geared to finish projects in the city, including upgrading of various roads within the city.

Speaking to journalists, Mayor for Lilongwe City Council Richard Banda said the council’s priority in the next financial year include completion of penyenye-Area 38 Mtaya (3.5km) and Mtandire / Airwing (3km) road.

He added that the council will also start construction of A47 (cherub) to A18 Road and also construction of a brigde across Lingadzi River.

According to Banda, upgrading of Kauma and rehabilitation of Area 49 Gulliver and Mchesi – Area 23 Market Roads is 100% completed while upgrading of Area 25C to Dzenza and Old Town Bus Depot roads is 95% completed. The contractor Dika Construction is now completing drains and access roads into plots.

Upgrading of Penyenye – Area 38 Mtaya via Mtsinje and Mtandire / Airwing Road is expected to be done in 2 phases with Phase 1 (4km) of Penyenye / Mtaya Road now 85% complete while Mtandire / Airwing Road is 70% complete.

“A49 Shire Road has been resubmitted to PPDA to consider prices changes that were requested by the contractor in view of the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha,” explained Banda.

Banda also noted that the council has received MK5 590 000 000. 00 of the planned budget from Government funds. MK5 429 494 124.00 has been paid to contractors and they have spent MK1.3 billion out of MK4.5billion from Roads funds administration.

“The Council budgeted MK6.12billion from Malawi Government and MK4.5billion from Roads Fund Administration for upgrading of various roads within the Lilongwe City. 19.3km of roads were planned for upgrading and rehabilitation using Malawi Government funds. Funds from Roads Fund Administration is for upgrading of 4km of roads in A49 (Sector 5 and Sector 6) popularly known as New Shire. 16.3km of the planned distance is now completed and under use by motorists,” said Banda.

On his, part Dr McCloud Kadamanja CEO of Lilongwe City Council said the laying of sewer lines and rehabilitation of Kauma wastewater treatment plant are 100 % completed and 45.6 km of sewer line is now completed.

“2140 households in Areas 47 (Sector 3 and 4), Area 1(Falls) and A49 (Sector 1 and 2) have connected to the sewer line. Lilongwe Water Board is in the process of recruiting another contractor under framework agreement to finalize connection of sewer to the remaining households. The Council has not received significant number of consent forms for connection since December, 2022,” he said.

Kadamanja also disclosed that board will commence construction of sewer lines in area 49 shire (sector 5 and 6) in March 2023.

He added that the contract has been awarded to UNIK at US$D9. 0 million and it wil be completed within 1.5 years. The project will connect 2000 households in these areas and will construct 47km of sewer line.

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