Everlasting Life Missionary Church hold youth conference in Zomba


Everlasting Life Missionary Church in Malawi held a youth conference under the theme ‘Youth on Fire’ to discuss ways of bringing the youth to God’s salvation

Everlasting Life Missionary Church held the youths conference for secondary school students on Friday at Malindi Secondary School in Zomba where the church’s overseer in Malawi, Apostle James Chikopa, said there was need to reach out to youths with message of salvation at a time when youths opt to suicide when faced with life challenges.

Apostle Chikopa said the youth are future leaders as such there was need to prepare them spiritually for the future.

“We brought in motivational speakers to discuss with the youths life experience so that the youths should realize that life has challenges that need to be faced and solved with power of a prayer and we expect the youths to leave the conference full of hope for the new begining,” Apostle Chikopa added.

One of the motivational speakers, Chifundo Kamba who is a lecturer at the University of Malawi, called on the youths to live a spiritual life as they pursue their education.

Kamba who is a young lady further called on the youth to set life goals that should help them to fulfil their aspirations and she further urged the youths to put God first as they work hard in school.

“God acknowledges those that work hard and bless them in their endeavours,” Kamba said.

She called on churches to hold youth conferences regularly to reach out to the youths with motivational talks so that they should remain strong and come out victors amidst life challenges.

“Life is full of challenges but that does not mean you should give up. l’ve gone through alot but l managed to overcome life challenges,” she said.

Kamba therefore hailed Everlasting Life Missionary Church for holding the youth conferences which brought together secondary school students to discuss Christian values amidst social challenges.

Shalom Kalimapadzala, a form 3 student at Malindi Secondary School, said she gained a lot of knowledge, life skills and wisdom from the motivational speakers during the conference.

“Suicide is not a solution to life challenges and l’ve learnt best life skills to overcome life challenges and l’ve also learnt to put God first and trust Him in everything,” said Shalom.

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