Airtel Malawi introduces TV


Airtel Malawi on Thursday launched a TV streaming app called Airtel TV which will enable Malawians on the Airtel network to access news, programs and movies straight from their mobile devices.

The launch of the Airtel TV took place at Crossroads in Lilongwe where it was announced that media providers Zodiak TV, Times TV and  HD Plus with their Fatsani movie have their channels and content on the app.

Airtel TV  is a user-friendly and offers a vast selection of content to cater to people’s viewing preferences. The app does not require viewers to pay any monthly subscriptions but requires an active internet connection with Airtel mobile number.

Speaking during the launch,  Airtel Malawi Marketing Director Thokozani Sande said that the demand for entertainment on-the-go has been on the rise in recent years, and that’s why the company has made sure that Airtel TV is easily accessible to everyone.

“In addition to offering an extensive selection of local, Bollywood and Nollywood content for starters, Airtel TV also comes with a range of features that will enhance your viewing experience. You can create your personalized watchlist, switch streaming resolution options according to your data plan, and even share videos with friends and family,” she said.

She also described the app as an opportunity for Airtel  to participate and elevate the entertainment industry by supporting creators and promoting local content.

“To other talented local film makers and content providers, do get in touch with us and extend your reach to more Malawians, our door is open,” said Sande.

Director of Engineering and Technical Services at Zodiak Broadcasting Station Haswell Solomon said people nowadays access news through their mobile devices and the media company wants to meet viewers where they are spending most of their time.

Airtel’s Marketing Director Thokozani Sande (3rd from right) with HD Plus Fatsani movie team and Zodiak TV team

“So when Airtel came with this initiative, we though we should also bring our TV platform so that when people want to verify stories they see on social media, they should not wait until they get home,” said Solomon.

Alex Kachepa, Marketing Manager at HD Plus Creations, said the app will help the company to generate revenue because their content will be watched by many people and through the viewers, the company could land new deals for creation of more content.

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