Government says there is need to preserve biodiversity


Government has said that more effort is needed to preserve and protect biodiversity in the country for the benefit of future generations.

Environmental Affairs Department Deputy Director Michael Makonombera made the statement on Thursday during the launch of Spatial Biodiversity Assessment Prioritisation and Planning (SBAPP) Project in Salima.

The project aims to develop and enhance SBAPP processes and products in four Southern African countries in order to strengthen the national knowledge base on biodiversity and ensure the knowledge informs land use planning and decision making.

Makonombera said that government has managed to introduce policy legislation framework and various stakeholders including those from Academia, Civil and Society Organizations have taken Initiatives towards management and conservation of biodiversity but there is a need to do more.

He added that it is a call for everyone to do enough because management of environment is not the responsibility of government and the ministry only but a collective responsibility.

“As the government is exploring ways to support sustainable livelihoods, businesses and the entire economy, it is aware of the important role biodiversity has in this regard,” said Makonombera.

On his part, Malawi University Science and Technology (MUST) Director of Research and Outreach Professor Alfred Maluwa said that the eyes of the university eyes are firmly focused on contributing towards national development in a more meaningful manner.

Ha noted that biodiversity is essential for the process that support all life on earth, iincluding humans.

Without a wide range of animals, plants and microorganisms, people in the country cannot have the healthy ecosystems that they rely on provide them with air to breath and the food to eat.

Commenting on the same, National Coordinator for the project Dr Tiwonge Mzumara -Gawa said that there is a need to reach out to people in areas where the project will be implemented so that they should know and have knowledge on what is happening on the ground.


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