Govt, stakeholders hail Bushiri for funding national prayers


Government and other stakeholders have commended leader of ECG Jesus Nation Church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for financing the Inter-Denominational Prophetic Prayer Breakfast which they say is crucial for the country’s breakthrough.

On Tuesday, 21st February, a grouping of faith leaders from different churches led by Prophet Bushiri, held an Inter-Denominational¬ Prophetic Prayer Breakfast under the theme ‘Collective Prayers in Combating Our Challenges,’ at Bingu International Conventional Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prophet Bushiri who was the Chairperson of the event, said the group arrived at the idea of holding the prayers upon seeing the post-COVID-19 trauma which he said has seen businesses in Malawi slowing down as well as job losses and high cost of living among others.

Prophet Bushiri emphasised that the social and economic situation which the country is sailing through, can only be dealt with by only God, hence asking for His intervention through the prayer breakfast.

“The situation which the country is going through, can only be healed by God. So we needed to come together and pray for His mercies,” said Bushiri.

While quoting the saying which goes ‘united we stand, divided we fall,’ Prophet Bushiri then stressed the need for collaboration and unity on issues of national importance claiming that’s the key to the country’s prosperity.

Speaking on behalf of president Lazarus Chakwera, Minister of Mining Honourable Monica Chang’anamuno, who was the guest of honour, commended the clergy, particularly Prophet Bushiri for coming with the idea of the prayers and for financing the event as well.

While urging the clergy to continue organising such meaningful events, Chang’anamuno underlined that the Malawi government appreciate every gesture that aims at bringing different people together for the cause of the nation.

“I sincerely thank Prophet Bushiri for initiating and funding this process. This is a wonderful gathering and I am looking forward to have more of these eventually,” she said.

On the other hand Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani V, said the country need to appreciate individuals such as Prophet Bushiri for using their resources for the common good and he has also called on all Malawians to emulate Bushiri’s example.

Some of the notable names present were Paramount Chikulamayembe, Senior Chief Kaomba, Lilongwe deputy mayor, Aford President Enock Chihana, former Unity Minister Timothy Mtambo, just to mention but a few.

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