I prophesied Malawi flooding – Mtupa


Leader of Holy Palace International Ministries Senior Prophet Rhodrick Mtupa says he prophesied about floods in Malawi and he has urged Christians in the country to always take seriously prophecies about the nation.

In December last year, Prophet Mtupa who is based in Blantyre, prophesied that some parts of the country will experience floods that will go up until February and added that there will be loss of many lives and damaging of various properties.

While delivering the prophecy, the Holy Palace International Ministries founder then urged the general public to pray for the country saying there were possibilities that God may intervene and save the nation from the floods as per the prophecy.

Now, with news about devastating floods which have recently hit some parts of the country including Blantyre, leaving thousands homeless, the man of God has encouraged the faith community to always pay much attention to such prophecies saying they are not meant to entertain.

He further noted that seeing the prophecy coming to pass means that most Malawians neglected the prophecy and did not took time to pray against the issues which were raised.

“I received that prophecy when I was preparing for a service at Comesa, when the Spirit of God told me that in 2023 especially in February, there will be floods. This was to raise awareness for the faith community to take their time and stand in pray because what God reveals can only be changed because of a prayer.

“Seeing it happening now is a call that maybe people did not take the message seriously to pray against these things. Prophecy is not given to entertain and a prophecy of floods is dangerous. The primary role when we give a prophecy is about sensitisation, that God is speaking this and the church community should rise and pray for the issues raised,” said prophet Mtupa.

Prophet Mtupa then asked the faith community to take an action and pray for the good rains claiming if the situation remains as it is now, the southern and northern regions will be extremely hit by low crop harvest.

Meanwhile, prophet Mtupa says under his church’s ‘Compasionate Heart Program’, he is mobilising resources to reach out to victims of floods in Blantyre and other parts of the country.

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