12-year-old boy hangs himself in Chiradzulu


A 12-year-old boy identified as Louis Kandeya has died after hanging himself to a roof in the house where he was staying with his parents.

The incident happened yesterday at about 1000hrs at Kadzombe Village, Traditional Authority Likoswe D Chiradzulu.

According to Constable Cosmas Kagulo, Chiradzulu Police Station spokesperson, the father to the boy left the home and went to a nearby village for work.

Upon returning home at the said hour, he was surprised to find the door wide open.

Later, one of his daughters arrived from school and was asked why she left the front door open. However, she denied to have opened and left it widely open.

She then entered into the house and proceeded to the bedroom of her brother where she found him hanging from the roof of the house.

She went where her father was and reported what she saw and in turn, the father rushed to the room and confirmed the incident.

The father reported the issue to Chiradzulu Police Station where by CID officers in accompany of a Clinical officer from Chiradzulu District Hospital visited the scene.

Prerliminaly findings indicate that the boy did not go to school yesterday and requested his mother to provide him with laundry soap to wash his clothes and uniform which did not happen.

Postmortem was conducted and revealed that death was caused by suffocation due to Strangulation as a result of hanging.

Police suspect no foul play over the death.

Chiradzulu Police have since urged people to be seeking counselling services wherever possible in order to avoiding suicide cases, as suicide is not a solution to the problems that people face.

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