Over 15,000 households graduate from ultra poverty


Financial Access  for Rural Markets Small holders and Markets (FARMSE) which is under the Ministry of Finance says that more than 15,000 households that were on the Social Cash Transfer Programme have graduated from ultra poverty state to self-reliance.

FARMSE National Program Coordinator, Dixon Ngwende disclosed this to Malawi24 in an interview, saying apart from providing the households with start up capital for business, FARMSE also provides business management training to keep them in business and make meaningful profits to  sustain their livelihood.

Out of 20,000 households that benefited from the Malawi Social Cash Transfer programme, 15,000 households graduated from the ultra poor poverty and cannot slide back into ultra poverty.

He added that FARMSE will continue working in collaboration with the SCTP to ensure that beneficiaries graduate from ultra poverty to self reliance.

“The goal of the programme is to reduce poverty, improve livelihoods and enhance the resilience of rural households on a sustainable basis,” said the Program Coordinator.

“We’re expecting to see almost 12500 households this year graduating from ultra poverty,” Ngwende added.

He also said FARMSE is looking for partners to work with in the SCTP graduation process,.

FARMSE was established in 2018 to improve rural livelihood by providing  start up capital to SCTP beneficiaries in some Districts of Malawi.

This programme supports household economic development through access to financial services that are appropriate to each socioeconomic level of poverty.

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