Residents in Lilongwe attack health centre over cholera


Community members from Mgona in Lilongwe have attacked Area 25 Health Centre following the death of a cholera patient.

The angry residents blocked traffic with stones, tree branches and burning tyres near the health facility and they also pelted stones at the facility.

According to hospital officials, a man was taken to the hospital by relatives but he died at the Out-Patients Department after severe diarrhea and vomiting which was diagnosed as cholera.

The hospital expected that relatives of the man would collect the dead body this morning but health workers were surprised to see an angry mob.

The angry residents accuse health workers at the facility of being behind the death of the man. They also claim that there is no cholera in the country and that the disease is being used as a scapegoat to kill people.

Police moved in to disperse the angry residents

Kanengo Police officers used teargas to disperse the violent residents.

However,  running battles continued this evening as the residents went on to block a road.

National Police spokesperson Peter Kalaya said more officers have been deployed to the scene of the incident.

Last month, residents in Balaka also attacked a health centre accusing health workers of spreading cholera.

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