Medical Assistant commits suicide in Ntcheu


A 25-year-old Medical Assistant from Kandeu Health Centre in Ntcheu in Eastern Malawi died on Saturday afternoon after taking pesticides.

The man, identified as Yona Dafu, is alleged to have committed suicide due to reasons yet to be established.

According to Ntcheu Police Public Relations Officer, Rabecca Ndiwate, Dafu (now deceased) arrived home on Friday from Kalimanjira Health Centre where he was assigned for duties.

Shockingly, on Saturday at around 13:00 p.m. his wife found him in their bedroom while trying to hang himself, but was rescued.

“It is further alleged that Dafu left for the trading centre and upon his return, he started vomiting, a strong smell of pesticides was sniffed.

“So, he was immediately taken to Kandeu Health Centre where he was referred to Ntcheu District Hospital for further attention,” said the Police Publicist who also confirmed that Dafu died while receiving treatment.

Postmortem results at the hospital revealed that death was due to organophosphate poisoning.

Reported by Maston Kaiya