Israel Chatama’s remake basking in over million views on YouTube



Moyo, a song by the late Israel Chatama which was redone by his kid brother Jordan has become one of a few Malawian songs to amass over a million views on YouTube.

The hit which landed on the platform 9 years ago, has over 1.1 million views.

In the song, Jordan mourns his brother, who died in a car accident in 2009. He portrays a sorrowful mood throughout the video in a way which shows that he was singing from the heart.

The original song was released over 10 years ago. Since the release, the tune remains one the undisputable hits which were crafted the Malawian way.

Moyo addresses the theme of poverty.

“Moyo, Moyo/zokhumba zamoyo sizikwana/koma Mavuto wa akutopesa mama ine Moyo (Life is an insatiable belly but we are tired of the problems,” goes part of the song

This means that Jordan joins the club of Lucius Banda, Skeffa Chimoto, Driemo, Eli Njuchi, The Great Angels Choir and Patience Namadingo, among others who have one million views on YouTube.

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