Woman killed by crocodile in Monkey Bay


A 55-year-old woman identified as Eliza Mkwanda, has died after being attacked by a crocodile while washing clothes in Lake Malawi.

Monkebay Police Station Publicist Surgeant Alice Sichali said the tragedy occurred on Friday at about 07:30 hours at Mpeta Village, Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi District.

Sichali said that Mkwanda left home with her friends on the said date to wash clothes in the waters of Lake Malawi and in due course, a crocodile attacked her.

“After she shouted for help, well wishers went into the lake with canoes for search but she was already found dead,” he explained.

She added that Monkey Bay Police Station CID team visited the scene along with medical personnel from Monkey Bay Community Hospital who certified that Mkwanda died due to a bitten wound on the left thigh and severe loss of blood secondary to suffocation.

Sichali went on to say that Rangers from Lake Malawi National Park were on the ground in search of the crocodile.

Meanwhile, police in the district are advising the public to avoid visiting crocodile infested areas to avoid such incidents from happening again.

Police are further advising the general public to be cautious when they go to the lake and rivers during this rainy season.

Mkwanda hailed from Mpeta Village in the area of Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi District.

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