Bizarre: Two members of same family ‘resurrect’ in Balaka



Two members of the same family have allegedly ‘resurrected’ at Chesani village in Sub-Traditional Authority Makwinja in Balaka, a district in Southern Malawi.

The news of ‘resurrection’ of Abison Medison and his niece, Akuyani John, who reportedly died years ago has left the villagers in disbelief.

Many people Malawi24 has spoken to have confirmed that the duo died years ago and were buried at a nearby graveyard.

Our visit to the village could tell that life was unusual in the village as people from different areas were seen flocking to the house of the ‘ressurected’ inorder to witness for themselves.

According to Phalyce Gelleson, who alleges to be a sister to Medison and a biological mother to Akuyani, the duo resurfaced in the village on Tuesday last week, few days after the burial of their grandfather identified as a Mr. Sato,who died aged 91.

“My daughter Akuyani was the first to arrive back home in the company of a relative who identified her upon meeting along the road. They both recognized each other and proceeded home,” Medison said, adding that excitement engulfed the entire village as they received their relative who was almost forgotten.

As if that was not enough, she said the family also received information that another relative who died a couple of years ago was loitering around Chikapa village in Mangochi district.

Abison Medison

This compelled the family to locate the village where they also confirmed that the man in question was indeed their relative.

Another family member, Alinet Medison, who also reported to be sister to Abison, said upon an inquiry on their whereabouts, the two alleged that they were working at a farm of their Uncle Mr. Sato, located at Mkasi in the village.

”Soon after meeting him, he explained that he was in a ‘different’ world, looking after Sato’s cattle at his farm and they only found a chance to run away from the farm after the death of Sato,” Medison said.

The news annoyed villagers who lost their relatives and they mobilized themselves and demolished a house belonging to the late Sato hoping to find their loved ones, who passed on, alive.

Meanwhile, in a dramatic twist of events, a man identified as Davies John, from Malikula village in the area of Traditional Authority Mtonda in Mangochi on Saturday morning stormed the village, claiming to be the father to the ‘resurrected’ girl, whom he identifies as Alusi John.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, John said Alusi disappeared on 21 January, 2023 and he identified her after he saw her pictures trending on social media claiming that she has resurrected.

”This is my daughter and has been suffering from epilepsy since her childhood but I can comfortably identify her body marks,” John said.

We were unable to verify the information from the duo as both appeared not to be in a stable condition.

Sub-Traditional Authority Makwinja has since appealed to the villagers to remain calm and maintain order.

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