NGO donates assorted items to children in Lilongwe


A Non-Governmental Organization called Reach the Needy has donated different items to needy children in Nathenje in Lilongwe district.

The organisation donated different items which include soap, clothes, blankets, chlorine and also water buckets among others.

Speaking after the donation country Director for the organisation Samuel Yakobe said the main vision of their organisation is to reach to the needy people. Therefore they thought it is very wise to donate some resources to the needy children in Chadza village Nathenje.

Yakobe also noted that as an organisation they have got several programs which include supporting girls and boys who cannot afford to pay school fees in secondary schools and also supporting parents who cannot afford to send their kids to nursery school.

“So we have the CBCC here and we have engaged 7 workers, some teachers and caregivers.

“We provide porridge everyday and we also take care of the children in terms of clothing and education. In Lilongwe district we are paying for 13 students in secondary school and we are taking care of 163 children for the nursery school. Apart from that, we also assist girls with sanitary pads and also soap to make sure that when they go to school, they should stay there without any challenges.

“The other help that we offer to these children are clothes, blankets, shoes, some groceries and we also provide them with maize and apart from that we do invite their parents to attend meetings here so that we teach them on how best they can take care of these children,” explained Yakobe.

In making sure that the kids are safe from cholera, on the same day the ECD kids and their parents received the Cholera vaccine.

“As you are aware, in Malawi there is cholera pandemic so as we are having the ECD children we thought it wise that we should invite the DHO officials to come here and give vaccines to our children and also parents sorrounding this area. Apart from the vaccine we have given them soap chlorine and blooms so that they can also make sure that they clean their homes and we have also provided them with some clothes, water buckets and blankets,” said Yakobe.

In his remarks, Executive Director for Evidence Action Benson Botha, commended Reach the Needy for the good initiative they are doing in Lilongwe and other districts.

Botha also applauded the organisation for making sure that the ECD children and their parents are safe from cholera.

“This is a very good initiative that the organisation Reach the Needy is doing at the moment especially at this point in time where cholera is a serious problem particularly in Lilongwe where we have a lot of cholera cases and number of deaths.

So the initiative that has been made by the organisation is quite commendable and we will be looking forward to work together to support each other to provide technical support where it will be required so that we are able to reach out to more people to prevent them from contracting cholera,” said Botha.

The organisation Reach the Needy is implementing their project in 3 districts, Mangochi, Mchinji and Lilongwe.

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