Zomba Forest Lodge calls for collective conservation of forests at Zomba Mountain


Zomba Forest Lodge owner Tom Inch has appealed to communities around Domasi Mission in Zomba to renew their efforts in conserving the environment in order to attract tourists that love to appreciate biodiversity in Malawi.

Inch made the appeal at Domasi Mission School where he gave out cash to football teams and volunteer workers that help in conserving forests.

He said the cash was meant to motivate the football and netball teams and the volunteer forest workers for their participation in conserving the forest around Domasi Mission and surrounding area.

During his stay in Zomba for almost ten years, Inch has supported communities around Zomba Mountain with tree seedlings and ways and means of caring the seedling to ensure good percentage of tree survival.

He observed that tourists come to Zomba Mountain to appreciate beauty of nature such as forests, perennial streams and nice weather.

He said there is need to plant more trees around the mountain and all areas at the foot of the plateau to ensure adequate forest cover.

Inch is currently  supporting five football teams and five netball teams around Zomba Mountain as one way of encouraging young people to plant and care for the trees and protect the forests against bush fires and all factors that might contribute to the destruction of forests.

“We need to take collective responsibility to plant more trees and take good care of the trees to make Zomba Plateau a beautiful  asset,”  said lnch.

Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa, Grace Kwelepeta, hailed Tom Inch for being passionate in conserving the environment and for working tirelessly with young people around the Zomba Plateau on afforestation.

The parliamentarian also noted that tourists that visit Malawi also come to Zomba to appreciate  the biodiversity of  the mountain and areas around.

“There is need to keep on planting tree at the Zomba Mountain and all places at the foot of the mountain,” Kwelepeta added with an appeal to the communities to conserve  environment so that it should help to attract tourists who appreciate beauty of nature around the mountain.

The Zomba Forest Lodge gave out cash amounting to  K600,000 and 3,000 polythene tubes to the teams for raising tree seedlings.

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