Malawi asks for donations to fight Cholera


Government through the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus and Cholera has appealed to the general public, private companies and organizations to help with support in the fight against cholera in Malawi.

The donations that are being requested are medical supplies including ringers lactate, giving sets, cholera beds, tents, examination and heavy duty gloves, gumboots, solar lamps, buckets with taps, aprons , soap , chlorine, Oral rehydration salts and Cash.

Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda who is the Minister of Health and the Co-Chairperson of the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus and Cholera says that the support they are asking for can also be in form of donations that are expected to cover various gaps currently being experienced in the prevention, control and management of the cases across the country.

She added that well-wishers can also provide support to schools to improve water and sanitation facilities including buckets with taps, handwashing soap, ORS and renovation/construction of sanitary facilities and Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS).

Cholera has killed 704 people in Malawi since March, including 17 yesterday. Currently, Malawi has 860 cases in hospitals across the country.

In recent, weeks health workers have been complaining about lack of supplies saying the situation is compromising the fight against the disease.


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