Newly built K8.2 billion Malawi aquatic centre develops cracks


The K8.2bn Malawi Aquatic Centre in Lilongwe  which was constructed last year has developed cracks, leading to allegations of poor workmanship.

A video shared on social media shows that sides of the Olympic size swimming  pool have developed cracks and the pavement blocks have been damaged by rain, producing puddles where the blocks have given way. It appears there will be more damage at the centre as the rain continues as cracks have also developed on the stands.

The Aquatic Centre was built last year and in December it was declared ready for the Region 5 Youth Games which Malawi hosted in Lilongwe last month.

Damaged pavements at the aquatic centre

Malawians on social media believe the damage is due to poor workmanship which has been exposed by rains.

“The works are being done without quality inspection? We thank rain for exposing such substandard works. If the pavement is this weak how weak are the supporting structures. This whole thing should be put down and start again from scratch. This will kill people in near future,” said one person on social media.

However, Minister of Sports Richard Chimwendo Banda has claimed that the facility was not completed and the contractor did not officially hand over to government as only 60 percent of the works are done.

“The makeshift cover up was for the Region 5 Games and all these temporal work is going. That’s why all the chairs for the swimming complex were removed soon after the games,” said Chimwendo Banda.

However, last November Mr Chimwendo Banda said the construction was almost completed.

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