Teams with money have no time to make noise — Eagles


Blue Eagles FC have accused Mighty Mukuru Wanderers of playing ‘dirty politics’ in their pursuit of winger Gaddie Chirwa.

The Area 30 based side demanded MK9 million for the transfer of the player to Lali Lubani who, according to them, has one year remaining on his contract.

But Wanderers reacted angrily with the demand, saying Eagles is a ‘non-profit’ making organization which is supposed to sell the players at a lower price.

This did not go well with Alexander Ngwala’ led committee which responded by telling Wanderers to ‘back-off’ if they had no money to purchase the player.

According to the 2022 TNM Super League runners up, it takes a lot of money to scout and develop a player to the highest stabdard.

“As a Club we are dismayed with sentiments made in a radio interview by a Mukuru Wanderers Board member that as a Team sponsored by a non-profit making entity, Blue Eagles FC should be selling their players to other Clubs at a low price.

“Truth be told, this is a JOKE OF THE CENTURY as it takes lots of resources for us to scout a player, to take them on board and to develop them to the highest standard possible. The investment therein cannot be disputed,” reads part of the statement.

Furthermore, the club says Wanderers should not bother itself attempting to buy a player if they have no money to do so.

“If a particular team does not have enough resources in terms of money, it should not bother itself ‘attempting’ to buy a player from another team. Teams with money in their coffers don’t play monkey tactics when it comes to roping in a player from another Club,” concluded the statement.

Wanderers is yet to respond from the statement.

Reports indicate Chirwa already pocketed his signing on fee last week and he resigned from the club by asking the Area 30 based side to fasttrack the transfer talks between the two teams.

This is the second time for Wanderers and Eagles to get involved in a transfer saga after the Lali Lubani side signed Vitumbiko Kumwenda two years ago, a move that was heavily criticized by Eagles who demanded a transfer fee before clearing the player.

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