Africa’s Best Places to Work revealed

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The Best Places to Work organization has announced the top 29 most performing employers in Africa for 2022. The list, issued today, include companies with offices in Malawi.

The certification program recently compiled its annual list based on the assessment of over 500 organizations operating across the continent.

Findings from this year indicated that the top performing organizations in Africa continued to invest in creating a highly-engaged workforce, with an average engagement score of 83%, compared with a market average of 71%.

“These organizations are particularly leading the way by creating engaging environments fostering organizational agility, building engaging leaders and demonstrating outstanding people practices and workplace excellence”, reads a statement issued by NewsWire

The research has also shown that given the present challenges around talent retention in Africa, employees who do not see good career opportunities or agree with their organization’s response to their well-being are three times more likely to leave.

“Leading organizations in Africa have demonstrated agility to respond effectively to disruptions while being connected to the needs of their employees. This recognition validates the commitment of several leading employers in Africa to provide their employees with a positive work environment that challenges and encourages them to develop personally and professionally,” said Best Places to Work in Africa, Hamza Idrissi while congratulating this year’s list.

Topping this year’s ranking was Novo Nordisk, the global pharmaceutical company followed by Dell, the American based technology company. Groupe Vipp Interstis, a leading service provider in Customer Interaction operating across different countries in Africa, came in the third position. Webhelp, a leading customer relationship and business process outsourcing company, came in the fourth position followed by Nestle, the leading food producer. To be considered, companies must be identified as outstanding employers at least in one of the countries across the continent.

The ranking was determined based on feedback from employees gathered through anonymous surveys and an HR assessment evaluating the people management practices against the best workplace standards. The top 10 are:

  1. Novo Nordisk
  2. Dell
  3. Groupe Vipp Interstis
  4. Webhelp
  5. Nestle
  6. Safran Group
  7. Hilti
  8. Roche
  9. BSH
  10. Comdata

Completing the list include the following companies: Schneider Electric, Glucode, Eaux Minérales d’Oulmès, Zitouna Takaful, Parkville Pharmaceutical, Asma Invest, eHealth Africa, Zoetis, AstraZeneca, Pharma 5, Groupe Banque Populaire du Maroc, Jamjoom Pharma, EcoBank, Magrabi, Ooredoo, IHS Towers, Alsa, CDG Capital, Elezaby pharmacy.

Some of the companies that have operations in Malawi include Eco Bank.

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