Malawi Relief Fund UK gives assorted food items to people in Zomba Malosa 


Malawi Relief Fund UK  has given assorted food items to people at Zomba Malosa in response to hunger that has affected most families in the area.

Malawi Relief Fund UK has provided a pack of maize flour, fortified Likuni phala flour, beans, rice, soya pieces on top of packets of sugar, salt among other items.

An official from the humanitarian organisation, Yakub Valli, said Malawi Relief Fund UK responded to the hunger situation in Zomba Malosa after Member of Parliament, Grace Kwelepeta, appealed for an emergency  assistance.

He said the legislator appealed for maize flour but the Malawi Relief Fund UK decided to respond by adding more food items .

Valli, however, asked people in Zomba Malosa to grow food crops to sustain their livelihood as rains continue.

“We will keep on providing relief food to people in Zomba and Salima apart from providing feriliser to 200 farming families in Chiladzulu and Zomba,” Valli added.

On her part, Kwelepeta thanked Malawi Relief Fund UK  for responding to her appeal following  hunger in some parts of Zomba Malosa as some families survived on cooked mangoes.

She said most of the families failed to harvest enough food after the crops were washed away by  rains that came as a result of cyclone Anna and tropical storm Gombe.

She then appealed to other organisations to assist the people of Zomba Malosa with additional relief food in the current lean season.

One of the people that received the relied food items,  Pilirani Mwase, said she was thankful to Malawi Relief Fund UK for responding to hunger in the area as most families had no food to live on apart from surviving on mangoes.

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