Malawian company establishes social media site


A Malawian company has set up a social media site with the aim of connecting Malawians, those in Malawi as well as those in diaspora using a local brand.

The platform is two months old now and already has over 250 users, according to Managing Director for Zateka Kondwani Mushali of Neytech solutions whose company is behind the social media site.

He added that the platform also works with mobile phones  and on the web  and has got social media aspect to it with functionalities like instant messaging, status updates, Blogging, going Live, Voice notes, File sharing, forums, Events, Job offers, Movie premier, and games.

He added that the social media aspect of Zateka is the bedrock of the platform since 70% of it is built around this in mind.

“On Zateka, our users have access to the Market where different people and brands are selling their items,” he said.

On market area, Mushali said that the website uses Malawi Kwacha as a default currency and currently the market area is working for users only in Malawi.

He went on to say that everyone  can buy on Zateka but only verified accounts are able to sell to avoid the issue of scamming  users.

On the issue of experience, he said they have incorporated a wallet where one can deposit money and use it on the Zateka market and withdraw from Zateka Agents which will be deployed across the country.

“Our wallet will be allowed to keep a maximum of up to 1 million kwacha and a minimum of zero. Users will be able to top-up their accounts with Mobile Money, Bank, or via Zateka agent,” he said.

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