Police recover 11 stolen vehicles, arrest suspects


Police have arrested a Nigerian national and two Malawians who allegedly stole several vehicles after drugging drivers of the vehicles.

The law enforcers have recovered 11 vehicles that were allegedly stolen by the suspects in various districts between October and November this year.

The suspects include two Malawians identified as Chipiliro Witika who hails from Zomba and Patrick Pande who hails from Dedza. They were allegedly working with a Nigerian identified as Daniel Frank who resides at Biwi in Lilongwe.

Police Spokesperson for Central West Alfred Chimthere said the suspected criminals repainted the vehicles and changed their registration numbers.

In November, Police warned drivers against receiving food from passengers following several cases of vehicles being stolen after drivers were given food.

In one case, a driver said he was approached by two individuals who hired him to go to Bypass Road at around 19:00 hours.

On their way, the suspects shared their food with the driver and he ate while driving. The driver became weak and the suspects removed the driver from the driver’s seat and put him at the back.

The suspects then took control of the vehicle and drove it towards Mlambe Motel, along the Lilongwe Bypass Road where they dumped the driver and sped away.

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