Malawian musicians claim COSOMA is corrupt


Some top musicians have accused Copyright Society of Malawi {COSOMA} of being corrupt in its distribution of loyalties.

According to the concerned artists, the body rewards huge sums of money to undeserving figures in the industry.

This follows the release of loyalties in the past week when some musicians received about K3 milllion each in royalties.

One of the musicians who opted for anonymity told this publication that he earned a meagre amount despite commanding a handsome fan base in the country.

However, speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Shadrack Chimtengo who is in charge of loyalties` distribution art COSOMA said most musicians do not understand the process.

“Most musicians do not understand that this is a usage based process, meaning to say that the concerned parties are supposed to benefit based on the number of times their products have been used in that particular year.

“Some musicians think being popular on social media and other platforms qualifies them to earn huge sums of money through loyalties but no,” said Chimtengo.

One of the musicians Smacks Kaira concurs with Chimtengo. According to the Kodo star, the process can only be deemed to be fair if one understands it.

He said when he earned about K6000 last year, he also thought COSOMA is not fair in its distribution of loyalties, until he got enlightened on the process.

COSOMA disburses loyalties on annual basis in different categories. Some of the categories are, public performance, broadcasting, soft copy, and caller tunes.

Therefore, the society has challenged all artists who claim it is corrupt to come forward with their cases.

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