Chakwera must resign – APM


Former President Peter Mutharika has repeated his call for President Lazarus Chakwera to resign, saying Chakwera is failing to manage the Malawi economy and Malawians should not wait until 2025 to change government.

Mutharika made the remarks yesterday at St Augustine Ground in Mangochi where he held a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rally.

The former Malawi President, who ruled the country from 2014 to 2020 when he was ousted in presidential elections, said Chakwera has failed to manage the economy, develop the country and implement his own promises.

He said that his administration left US$1.1 billion in foreign reserves but currently the country has no forex and fertilizer and prices of goods have gone up under Chakwera.

He also criticized the Chakwera administration for abandoning DPP administration program such as Malata and cement subsidy, construction of technical colleges and business loans for women youth.

“My question to Chakwera is why did he want to be president when he did not have any ideas on how to run the country?” asked Mutharika.

The former then reminded Chakwera that he promised to step down if he failed to improve Malawi in the first two years of his presidency. According to Mutharika, Chakwera needs to resign and a referendum should be held.

“We have a president but we have no leader. Chakwera is failing to manage the economy but he is refusing to step down.

“I am urging churches and political parties to push for a referendum for Malawians to decide whether Chakwera should continue or not.

“We are saying this because 2025 is several years from now and if this administration is allowed to continue, this country would have been destroyed by the year 2025,” said Mutharika.

He added that the DPP is ready to return to power to continue its programs such as construction of a resort city in Mangochi. He added that if DPP returns to power, the economy would be restored in six months and programs aimed at turning Malawi into Singapore would continue .

“If I were still the president, Malawi would have been like Singapore by now,” said Mutharika.

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