Chizuma warns corrupt people


Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) director general Martha Chizuma has warned corrupt people that their political power or efforts to discredit the bureau and its leadership on social media will not protect them from prosecution.

Chizuma was speaking in Kasungu during the Anti-Corruption Day Commemorations today.

According to Chizuma, over the past months, some corrupt people have been spreading misinformation on social media to discredit and threaten the bureau and its leadership.

“These threats and distortions are signs that we are doing our work without fear or favour. Lies do not become the truth because of being said repeatedly. We at ACB are still here to investigate people who stole money and protect funds that belong to Malawians,” said Chizuma who was arrested before being granted police bail on Monday this week.

The ACB chief also said that power, fame or positions will not shield from the law people who abuse funds which are meant to assists millions of Malawi.

Chizuma added that people are given power to manage the resources to help Malawians and not to steal the funds to build their own houses, go on holidays abroad or to send their children to expensive schools.

“You are in those positions because Malawians trusted you and the same Malawians will take action if you abuse this trust,” said Chizuma.

On delays in prosecution of cases, Chizuma said Government has introduced financial crimes courts which will be handling cases of corruption and this will help in speeding up of cases to ensure that those who are corrupt will face the law.

She further stated that the bureau has finalized a strategy on conducting lifestyle audits and the bureau has so far conducted some audits which have found ill-gotten property such as houses and the bureau is doing everything possible to ensure that such property is given back to the state.

Speaking during the event, President Lazarus Chakwera said there is nothing romantic about the fight against corruption  since it a costly and dangerous fight.

He added that those who engage in corruption will do everything, including violence and murder, to shake those who fight against corruption.

“They will not lay down their weapons and simply surrender. They will not come here and shake hands and make peace,” said Chakwera.

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