Beer prices go up again in Malawi


Three months after prices of alcoholic drinks went up in Malawi, Castel Malawi has again raised prices of beers.

Castel’s Head of Sales and Marketing Nelson Zoto Banda has announced the increase in prices which is effective on December 1.

“The decision to increase price is as a result of high costs of productions, distribution, utilities and importation of the essential ingredients in the current economic environment,” reads part of the letter dated November 29.

According to a price list on the letter, price of Carlsberg Green and Carlsberg Special (330ML) has been increased from K900 to K1000 per bottle while price of Castel Beer, Kuche Kuche and Doppel Munich has been hiked from K700 each to K800.

A 330ML bottle of Carlsberg Chill will be sold at K1300 while the new price for Carlsberg Green and Carlsberg Special (640ML) is K1800.

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