DPP condemns arrest of Tadikira


The Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has expressed sadness over the arrest and continued detention of Tadikira Mafubza, step-son to Former President Peter Mutharika.

DPP Spokesperson Shadric Namalomba has said it is sad  that the Police proceeded to charge Tadikira with the alleged offence of human trafficking and murder.

“When he was arrested Tadikira acknowledged that he owns the vehicle in question, a Scania Van. Tadikira told the Police that he knew nothing regarding the alleged trafficking of illegal immigrants. He further told the Police that he had no idea that his vehicle was allegedly involved in any illegal acts, and that he had absolutely no idea that his driver or his motor vehicle was involved or linked to this heinous act,”

“Tadikira’s driver, Samuel Naveya also confirmed to the Police under Caution that Tadikira was never informed or aware or in any way involved in the alleged ferrying of the alleged illegal immigrants,” explained Namalomba.

According to Namalomba, DPP believes that Tadikira will be treated on the basis of the facts gathered by Police.

Namalomba added that DPP hopes that all authorities involved in this matter will accord Tadikira  a speedy, fair and equitable legal process and treatment without any political undertones or any other form of prejudice.

The DPP spokesperson has since called upon all its supporters to remain calm while giving their moral and spiritual support to Tadikira and the Mutharikas.

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