Kawale Police calls for unified efforts to end GBV


Kawale Police Station on Friday engaged another gear to lobby stakeholders within its policing area to stand up and fight against gender-based violence.

The police station organized a march to launch of 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV) towards women and children.

During the march from from Area 23 to Kawale Police Station, residents were informed to rise against gender based violence.

The Officer In-Charge for the station, Aubrey Kawale Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), delegated his duties to Superintendent Wezzie Ngozo who stressed much on cohesive efforts in the fight against the vice.

“We are all duty bound to unite if we are to end the vice. Police alone cannot win this fight, so let us move together in this battle,” Ngozo said.

As we launch the 16 days of activism with a theme “Unite  to End Gender Based Violence”, let chiefs, NGOs, members of community policing forums, teachers, and learners join hands with police to end all sorts of violence against women, girls and children even beyond the 16 days.

Speaking during the event, country director for Chance for Change, Grace Tionge Waluza, was in total agreement with superintendent Ngozo on ending the vice.

She further told the gathering that there is need to have one voice to  make sure that women and girls are no longer victims of any sort of violence.

Spicing up the event, there were some displays such as women boxing, dancing by boys from Chance for Change Rehabilitation Centre among others.

Chiefs, block leaders, teachers and other stakeholders who were present at the event, have agreed to work hand in hand with law enforcers in the fight against gender-based violence, in a symbolic memorandum of understanding that was received by Superintendent Ngozo on behalf of the officer In-Charge.