Four arrested for stealing parcels from moving courier van


Police in Dedza yesterday arrested four thugs from Linthipe 3 area who were on the run after they stole parcels from a moving courier van belonging  to Post Office Courier Company which was coming from the direction of Lilongwe heading towards Dedza.

The suspects have been identified as John Bester 24, believed to be a group ring leader, Daniel Thomas, 22, Khalidwe Felix, 21 and Chikaiko Leonard, 32, all from Pinji Village, Traditional Authority Kaphuka in Dedza district.

Dedza Police Deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda the suspects on October 5, 2022, broke into the said courier van while it was in motion and went away with assorted parcels including Malawi Revenue Authority’s seals which were destined for Dedza office.

The matter was reported at Dedza Police Station who initiated investigations and apprehended the first suspect, Martin Mkungula on October 17, 2022 after being found in possession of the seals which included GPS trackers.

His arrest helped police to divulge more information which has led to the arrest of the four suspects and Bester was also found himself wearing a shirt believed to be among the items which were stolen in the van.

Meanwhile police in the district have intensified security around the area.