Malawi mass grave:  Mutharika’s stepson Tadikira arrested


Former President Peter Mutharika’s stepson Tadikira Mafubza has been arrested on allegations that he is linked to the mass grave of Ethiopian migrants  found in Mzimba.

National Police spokesperson Peter Kalaya has confirmed the arrest of Mafubza saying he handed himself over to police at Area 30 Headquarters a while ago.

“We have strong evidence linking Tadikira to the mass grave in Mzimba. We had been looking for him for the past three days and he decided to hand over himself at Area 30. That is all I can say for now as we continue with our investigations,” Kalaya has told the local media.

The bodies of the 30 people suspected to be Ethiopians were found at Mtangatanga Forest in Mzimba last month.

It is believed that they suffocated to death while being secretly transported through Malawi on their way to South Africa.

Recently, Former President Mutharika at a press briefing in Mangochi faulted government for not releasing a statement on the issue of the mass grave saying  Malawians deserved to know what happened to the migrants whose remains were found buried in Mtangatanga Forest.


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