Seed-Co Malawi Open Golf Championship tees off on Tuesday



Seed-co Malawi Limited has disclosed that the 2022 Seed-co Malawi open golf  championship will start tomorrow up to Sunday, 27 November at Lilongwe Golf club.

The Tournament will attract professional golfers from Malawi Zambia and also Zimbabwe.

Speaking in Lilongwe at a press briefing, Seed-co Malawi Limited Commercial Director Gift Kawamba said everything is set for the tournament and as seed-co they are excited to sponsor such a big tournament.

“We are motivated to partner with the Malawi Government and also sports in particular. We decided to choose golf as an area where we wanted to participate and so far we are very impressed because of the feedback that we have been getting from our stakeholders and even from the sport itself as there’s a lot of appreciation of what we are doing so that keeps us moving and we will continue sponsoring the game of golf.

“Having 45 professional golfers is not a small achievement. We are very happy and we can foresee that in the near future will be having a tournament full of professionals and when we look at the track record where we are coming from its all positives.

“We are growing in the number of professional golfers that are coming, people are interested to come to Malawi to play, we have a beautiful course that is being well maintained,” explained Kawamba.

According to Kawamba, the grand prize for the professional will be competing is 15, 000 US dollars.

“The money that the winners are taking home is encouraging. So, very soon will be seeing bigger names than the ones that are coming through and for us we are very happy and if you look at the numbers of amateur golfers that are willing to participate over 200.

“That’s a huge number and for us. It just shows that people are happy with the game of golf and are happy with the seed-co brand because sometimes it’s a sponsor that gives confidence to players to come to participate,” said Kawamba.

In his remarks, Professional Golfers Association of Malawi (PGAMW) President Henry Odillo said the stage is almost set now and they have registered quite a number of professional golfers from Malawi and other countries.

Odillo also commended Seed-co for sponsoring the Malawi Open Golf Tournament for quite a number of years saying this has been a milestone in terms of developing the professional golf association in Malawi.

“We are extremely very grateful to seed-co for coming forward to sponsor us with a lot of money which is 15,000 US dollars as a prize money which will be split from number 1 position to number 15. In the past we used to do number 1 to number 10 but I think this time it will extend up to number 15,” he said.

He added that there are 45 players who are participating in this tournament and the majority are Malawians. Some players are from Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The tournament starts on Tuesday running all the up way to Friday. Over the weekend the competition will be extended to amateur players for two days, Saturday and Sunday.