Airtel staff inspire learners from Salima


Airtel Malawi on Friday hosted learners from Salima L.E.A (SALEA) School at Airtel offices in Lilongwe where Managing Director Charles Kamoto and other Airtel employees encouraged the learners to work hard so that they should take up similar roles in future.

The event was held as part of World Children’s Day which is celebrated  on November 20 every year.

During the visit to Airtel Headquarters, the learners were taken to every department at Airtel with staff making presentations on what they do. Airtel staff also explained to the children how the company operates and the various services it offers.  

Speaking during the visit, Kamoto said the company decided to invite the children to prepare their minds so that in future the children can take up the spaces currently occupied by Airtel staff.

“The major message we have given to them is that we used to be like you and here we are today running these operations. You should work hard so that tomorrow you should be the ones running the show of this country in various roles and responsibilities,” said Kamoto.

One of the learners, Michelle Zolowere, said during the visit they learnt how people communicate between countries using Airtel. She urged fellow learners to study hard in order to be like the employees at Airtel.

“Education is important in life. We have seen people here who have good jobs and skills because of education,” said Michelle.

On his part, SALEA deputy headteacher Rodgers Kaipa said the learners have witnessed people doing jobs which they previously thought are difficult or are done by foreigners. He added that when the learners are back in class they will work hard.

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