lllovo introduces 90g ‘sugar mtape’ packets


In a bid to make the commodity affordable to Malawians amid the cost of living crisis, Illovo Sugar Malawi has introduced smaller packets of sugar which will be selling at K150.

The sugar producing company launched the 90 grams packets at Nyambadwe Ground in Blantyre where Illovo Sugar Malawi Managing Director Lekani Katandula said this is to help People buy hygienically packed sugar.

Katandula said the initiative will help in fighting cases of cholera which are skyrocketing on a daily basis and further added that more Malawians will now afford to buy sugar as others were failing to buy the 1kg packets due to high prices.

“We came up with initiative for two reasons, firstly we have observed that there are more people who are buying smaller packets that are repacked unofficially and looking at the way they do it, it was unhygienic which is not good especially now with the outbreak of cholera.

“At the same time, we are also aware that with the raising cost of living, some people can not afford the bigger packets and coming up with smaller packets at lower prices, could make sugar more accessible to more people and that’s why we are launching this today,” said Katandula.

He has since assured the general public that the initiative will be sustained claiming they have put in place measures which will see continuous production and selling of the product, sugar mtape.

While thanking Illovo for the initiative, principal secretary to the Ministry of trade and industry Francis Zhuwawo who was the guest of honour at the launch, said the smaller packets of sugar has come at the right time.

“This is a good initiative because its responding to the current economic situation. You are aware that as a country we have some challenges, we are talking of fuel, we are talking of electricity and also foreign exchange.

“Because of that we have very little disposable income for the rural people. So, the initiative which Illovo has taken will benefit the rural masses because they will now be able to afford buying the normal sugar for them to drink tea in the morning,” said Zhuwawo.

Zhuwawo has further assured Illovo Sugar Company of total support from the government regarding distributing of the product across the country amid fuel crisis.

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