CAMA wants Chakwera’s explanation over increase in data bundle tariff


Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) has demanded an explanation from President Lazarus Chakwera and Minister of Information Gospel Kazako over the increase in data bundle tariff by Airtel Malawi Limited.

In a statement, CAMA’s Executive Director John Kapito said the increase has come at a  time when Malawians were expecting these data bundle tariffs to be reduced as was promised by Chakwera and his Minister of Information Kazako.

According to Kapito, both the State President and Minister of information recently promised Malawians that data bundle tariffs would drastically be reduced hence Malawians are shocked with this high bundle tariff increase of 20 percent.

“Consumers are demanding an explanation from the State President and Minister of  Information to explain to Malawians why there is high bundle tariff increase.

“These tariff increases are coming at a time when Airtel within this year has had many unjustified tariff increases but with no improvement on their services,” he said.

Kapito added that when the State President was informing consumers of reduced bundle tariffs, it was understood that he will stand by what he said and it created an expectation among consumers considering the outcry against these ever high mobile bundle tariff increases.

Kapito went on to say that Malawians are still expecting lower tariff bundles as a tool to facilitate the ever-growing demand for mobile money market and communication.

He noted that Malawi is one of the countries in SADC with high internet charges and there was hope that low tariffs would be implemented for the good and growth of financial inclusion and internet services in the country.

Kapito has since urged President Chakwera to deliver on the promise to lower data prices.

He said: “If not, we are asking you and your Ministers to stop making any more promises to Consumers. You have made so many promises and you don’t even remember them, can you from now stop lying to poor Malawians that’s cheap leadership.

“We are no longer interested in your  lies why should you find comfort in lying about everything and especially those things that  matter to Malawians who are struggling for the very basics in life where is your credibility  and integrity in what you say?”