Malawi fuel crisis: Service station closed for hoarding fuel


The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authoriy (MERA) has shut down Best Oil Fuel Service Station in Lilongwe for hoarding thousands litres of fuel amid the fuel crisis that has hit the country.

MERA announced yesterday that the filling station has been closed for 21 days following complaints from consumers.

“Our Investigations established that Best Oil Fuel Service was hoarding 2,050 litres of petrol and personnel on site admitted to the malpractise. The stations was advised to sell the 2,050 litres to customers immediately,” MERA said in a statement.

“The service station’s conduct undermined equitable distribution and access to fuel.”

According to the regulatory authority, opening of the service station will be subject to satisfactory implementation of meausres taken to avoid reoccurrence of the malpractice.

For months, Malawi has been facing a fuel crisis with motorists forced to queue for hours and sometimes leave their vehicles at filling stations for days in order to access fuel.

The fuel shortage is due to lack of forex in the country and the government said last week that it was expected to secure forex and the situation will normalise by the end of this month.


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