Wikise asked to quit music after releasing Munkandipasa Minyama


Musician Frank ‘Wikise’ Chawinga has been asked to retire from music by his followers on social media after the artist released another controversial song recently.

According to the people, the artist is promoting hate in his latest song called Munkandipasa Minyama.

“Wikise should quit music and focus on something else. We have had enough of his controversy,” said Chipambano Mtekesa.

“Kodi ndekuti akulu inu ndekuti kuimba nyimbo zabwino kumavuta? Asiyireni amene ali ndi uthenga wanzeru aziyimba (Is it so hard for you to spread positive messages through music? Leave the scene for those who have good message to spread),” said Sphiwe Mdala.

The song in question was released last week. Part of its lyrics read, “Nditangosiya kucheza Nanu thanzi lokhalokha, chithupi kunanala (Since I stopped being your friend, I enjoy robust health.)

However, Wikise is yet to respond to his critics.

The Lilongwe based artist is considered to be one of the most controversial figures in Malawi’s music industry. The list of his bad stories includes, forcing closure of a Roman Catholic Church in Blantyre, attacking and attacking women in his song called Ng’weng’weng’we.

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