Malawi fuel shortage chokes Zambia as Malawians drain Chipata fuel stations


As fuel stations run dry in Malawi following a massive economic crisis, people from neighbouring Zambia have also started experiencing the same in their region of Chipata which borders Malawi.

Reports from Zambia have indicated that some of their fuel pumps have also witnessed fuel shortage. A situation that has led to panic.

According to a source in Zambia, scenes almost similar to Malawi where motorists are taking days to fill up are almost imminent in their country.

“It seems we are also going the Malawian way with dry fuel stations becoming the norm here,” said John Solwezi based in the Chipata area of Zambia.

Information that Malawi24 has independently sourced showed that there were long queues at some filling stations in Zambia while in some the pumps were dry.

A commentator within Zambia however has pointed at the Malawi crisis as being the reason for their emerging crisis.

“People are buying fuel in bulk to sell it at a huge price in Malawi,” she said responding to Malawi24.

“If you can notice, the fuel crisis is in areas that are bordering Malawi. It is unscrupulous traders who are buying the fuel to engage in illegal sales across the border. They are buying in bulk and that has created pressure on Zambia supply systems,” she said.

However, some members of Zambia opposition have alleged that the shortage is the failure of current president of the country Hakainde Hichilema. This was dismissed by our source as wishful thinking by the opposition.

“They can ride on it for political purposes. The reality is that it is beca of the problems in Malawi. Once security is tightened in the border areas, you will see the situation stabilise,” she commented.

In Malawi, motorists have been going for days on end with no fuel. According to the Chief Executive Officer for the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA), the fuel shortages are due to a lack of forex.


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