Chakwera will not solve Malawi’s problems – says Kapito


Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) says Malawians should not expect President Lazarus Chakwera to fix the current economic and social challenges facing Malawians on daily basis because it has become very clear that Chakwera has no capacity to fix these challenges.

CAMA’s Executive Director John Kapito said in a statement that President Chakwera has no idea or clue about what to fix since he is a man of words and not action as he promises a lot and confuses the art of making promises at church gatherings from those at political rallies.

Kapito added that the President comes from a  background where he promised people and no one held him accountable and demonstrated against him and he believes he can do similar promises in politics with no deliverables.

“We hope now he understands that the landscape is totally different people are demanding deliverables from the many promises he has been making.

“President Chakwera has no economic or social plan to stimulate the economy he still  believes in making false promises as a way of getting to the top. The President keeps on making unrealistic promises even at a time when it’s obvious that his ship is sunk and people are asking from where he gets all these funny unrealistic promises that he makes and he is never short of them and is never ashamed at making these promises,” he said.

Currently, Malawians are suffering due to a rise in prices of goods and services under Chakwera. The government is also failing to resolve forex challenges which have led to lack of fuel in the country.

This morning, Chakwera left Malawi for Egypt and he is expected to return on Friday next week.

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