Youths trained in climate resilient agricultural techniques


A non-governmental organization called “Conserve with Benefits” has trained young farmers at Kabudula in Lilongwe in agricultural practices that are more resilient to climate change.

The youths have been trained in different agricultural techniques like fish farming and horticulture.


Speaking during the graduation of 11 young farmers who have completed a one year training at the Youth test farm, Conserve with Benefits team leader Collins Mittochi said as youth test farm their vision is to train the youth in practical techniques as well as things which are in the books.

“Today we have graduated almost 11 young farmers. We take agriculture as business, so first of all we had to impart in them the business principles. For example, they had to make their own financial plans and business plans and then later on that’s when we started our agricultural practices so from the rainy season they had to go through each and every step then during the winter cropping they had to choose different crop as well which they did.

“So in short, we have done horticulture here we have done entrepreneurship skills, we have done soil management skills, as well as water management and harvesting. Those are some of the things which we have been doing with the guys that have graduated today,” explained Mittochi.

According to Mittochi, the young farmers that have graduated have been given inputs which they will use in farming and Conserve with Benefits will be monitoring them to see what they are doing at the same time.

The young farmers have also been encouraged to engage at least two young farmers so that they should inspire them as well.

“So for every youth farmer that was here he/she was coming from an extension planning area. So these guys were selected from their own section, from here it’s not the end of everything as we will still engage them. Actually five of them will stay here as advisory committee of the new cohort,” explained Mittochi.

The youths that have graduated are from Ukwe EPA, TA Kabudula in Lilongwe District.

During the graduation, Mittochi also disclosed that they have engaged another 40 young farmers that will be trained at the farm for the next one year.

In his remarks, Group Village Headman Mpetsankhuli commended Conserve with Benefits for the initiative saying a lot of youth in the area were staying idle and with the skills attained at the Maziko Youth Test Farm their lives will completely change.

Elia Gibisoni, one the young farmers at the youth test farm, said they have benefited a lot from the youth test farm and the skills they have learnt at the farm will help them in as far as agri business is concerned.

Conserve with Benefits (C-with-B) is a Malawian-based nonprofit making non-governmental organization (NGO) that is committed to initiating unique, catalytic and scalable interventions aimed at conserving the environment while delivering sustainable socio-economic development for the people of Malawi.

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