Tumaini Letu exposes talent at Dzaleka ahead of Tumaini Festival 2022


Tumaini Letu , the organisation behind the annual Tumaini Festival, held a series of talent shows at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp ahead of the festival’s 8th edition slated for 3rd -6th November at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa district.

Tumani Letu Founder and Director Trésor Nzengu Mpauni widely known as Menes La Plume said the talent shows were aimed at exposing talents within the camp that add value to the festival.

“With just a few days until the massive Tumaini Festival 2022, we held talent shows over the weekend at Dzaleka Refugee Camp,” Menes La Plume told Malawi24.

He added: “The shows are aimed at exposing the talents within the camp that add value to the Tumaini Festival every year.”

The talent shows involved dancing and singing competitions among others. The judges were tasked to select best performances who will perform at the Tumaini Festival at the camp.

Tumaini Festival is Tumaini Letu’s flagship program. It is a unique cultural event which uses entertainment and artistic expression to promote intercultural harmony, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence between refugees and their host community. It is the only festival of its kind in the world that is held within a refugee camp.

Tumaini Festival was founded in 2014. It is an extraordinary example of a large-scale cultural event within a refugee camp, created and run by refugees in collaboration with the surrounding host community, for the benefit of both. It also serves as a platform for advocacy on refugee rights.