Malawians oppose Chakwera over National Anthem


Malawians have opposed President Lazarus Chakwera’s directive requiring people in the country to be singing the national anthem in full at all times.

On social media, Malawians have argued that there are no benefits to be derived from singing the national anthem in full.

Normally, at events where the national anthem is sung, people only sing the first of the three verses.

On Friday during commemoration of National Day of Unity and Dialogue, Chakwera argued that the national anthem is a prayer to God to bless Malawians and this is found in the first verse. He added that the anthem is also a call to unity to make that blessing real and this is in the third verse hence the need to sing all verses.

However, Malawians have disagreed with the directive and many have advised the president to focus on ending the challenges Malawi is facing such as fuel and forex shortage.

“So what if we sang the three verses, will that bring forex and fuel? We have real issues that needs a Presidential directive izozo ndi za ziii!,” said a commenter on a Malawi24 Facebook post.

Another commenter said: “What is the use of that? Singing and joy goes together, forcing hungry and depressed people to sing all three verses of our national anthem won’t solve the problems which this country is facing.”

Others wondered what Malawi will gain when people start singing all three verses of the national anthem.

@TsokaSilino tweeted: Am still thinking about what will we gain as a country, if we sing two more verses of the national. More unity? More peace? What exactly? Anyone to chip me with info?

Another Malawian on social media said: “What is it going to benefit us?? Mr President sir, there is a lot you can direct than this. You seem to be living in a different world with Malawians. You can direct Salary increment, nobody of good will complain cos prices of commodities have gone much higher such that people are failing to make ends meet. You are always working the opposite.”


Malawi national anthem must be sung in full at all times — Chakwera