Stop accusing other people of practising witchcraft, Police warn communities


Officer In-Charge for Dedza Police Station, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mwizamose Nyoni, has warned witchdoctors and communities in Dedza to stop declaring people as witches.

Nyoni said the law would not spare anyone found accusing other people of practising witchcraft.

According to Sergeant Cassim Manda, Dedza Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Nyoni issued the warning during a live radio programme aired on Bembeke Community Radio Station.

She said witchcraft accusations have led to many innocent people particularly the elderly and hard working Malawians losing their dear lives.

She noted that the district has recorded an increase in assault cases due witchcraft accusations.

The Officer In-Charge further warned that there is no evidence in Malawi’s laws to prove that people practise witchcraft. She also warned chiefs to leave witchcraft related cases to police who has justification of tackling such cases.

Listeners who were given chance to state their views thanked the police for organising that radio programme which according to them would help to change people’s mindset on witchcraft. Listeners pledged to give the police any information which will help to maintain law and order in the district.

The Officer In-Charge was accompanied by officers in various police departments.

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