What to do when a website is unavailable at your location?


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How many times have you tried to reach a certain website, but it turned out to be unavailable, and the reason for it was your location? It has surely happened at least once to every Internet user. If you are wondering what is the reason behind such a blockade and how to overcome it, this article might prove to be helpful in this matter.

Geolocation, censorship – what is the reason?

The truth is that the reason for certain websites being blocked might be different. A lot depends on the type of platform you want to visit and the content it includes. The majority of websites are blocked for one of two reasons. The less common one is censorship, as it occurs only in specific cases. It might happen when a website offers content, entertainment or services that are illegal in a given place. In a few countries, websites are blocked to provide spreading a certain type of information.

Some restrictions might be a result of decisions made by the website’s owner. The reasons for such actions differ. There are services that vary from region to region, they might be adjusted to the local audience and thus, ineffective in other spots. It is most often visible in the case of services but also entertainment, such as streaming platforms. They offer access to movies, TV shows or music and quite often, what is available in Europe might not be accessible to users in other parts of the world.

The reasons behind restrictions imposed by website owners are not always clear and understandable. Geo-blocking can be a result of copyrights, ethical and moral issues and more. All a user might do is accept them. The other way is to try to bypass them.

How does geolocation work?

Although you might not find it comforting, geolocation almost never fails. They can trace your device and locate it, and when necessary, block the content that is restricted for the users in your area. How does this work? It’s actually really simple. Every Internet user can be located through an IP address – you can find out what it is exactly in the Kaspersky article. Every region has its unique one so that it’s easy to match the address with the location. Once you connect with a Wi-Fi or any other Internet signal, you get your own IP address, unique to your device but also to the place you are currently in. A website gets access to this information, and on its basis, it can block its content.

Get access to the restricted websites

If you want to get access to a website that restricts the whole content or only its part, you can actually do this in a simple way. All you might need is the right software that hides the location of your device, and, additionally, ensures your safety online. In other words, the best solution to overcome certain restrictions is to use a VPN service.

The main advantage of this option is that it is primarily a security system that ensures privacy and secures the data of a user. It also encrypts the traffic and reroutes it to the outside servers, which means that the IP address is not visible for a website. With such a security measure, everyone can enjoy anything the online world has to offer. A VPN service is a perfect solution for such options as online casinos, where the players need to register and transfer money. It is necessary to use only such safe sites as VegasSlotsOnline where everything is tried and tested, clearly explained and reliable. Every player can be sure that they are safe, and the game is trustworthy, no matter what type of gambling games they choose – and the choice is vast. However, additional security in the form of a VPN service is always a good solution. The greatest advantage of platforms such as online casinos is that they are available on any device in any place – however, in some regions, access to them might be limited. A VPN service will be a solution if such a problem occurs. You only need to choose the best service provider and enjoy the limitless Internet. You can find out how to pick one with the F-Secure article.

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