Malawians advised to adhere to safety measures at Lake Malawi on Mother’s Day

Lake Malawi

Police in Mangochi  have urged members of the public to adhere to safety measures when visiting the beaches along Lake Malawi during Mother’s Day celebrations.

The appeal comes as Mother’s Day  (15 October) is around the corner as it is a tradition that a lot of people especially women flock to Mangochi District to celebrate the day.

Mangochi Police Station Publicist Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi  said the Malawians should be assured of  safety and security during their stay as law enforcers in the district have already started conducting intensive day and night patrols, traffic checks and snap roadblocks to make sure that everyone is safe.


She added that the public is reminded to adhere road safety measures such as avoiding driving while drunk, put on seatbelts, speeding, exceeding capacity and driving unworthy motor vehicles to avoid road accidents.

“They should not leave their homes unattended and avoid updating their movements as well as activities on social media,” she said.

In addition, the station has advised people against the tendency of sitting on passenger doors while peeping outside while vehicles are in motion which can result into accidents.

The police have also appealed to Hotel and Lodge owners to have records of their guests to ensure that criminals do not  take advantage by posing as clients. They are also reminded to protect their guests by not allowing drunkards into the waters and provide stewards (rescue party) who will be available to rescue people.

During last year’s celebrations, Mangochi Police recorded no serious crime and road accident. It is police expectations that it will be the same for this year.

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