Police recover stolen items worth K13 million


Police in Lilongwe have recovered stolen household property worth over 13 million Kwacha and have arrested three suspects at Area 36 in the city.

The suspects have been identified as Pilirani Chisuse who is 36 years old, Steven Lloyd who is 26 years old , and Isaac Fred who is 26 years old.

Public Relations Officer for Lilongwe Officer Hastings Chigalu  says some of the recovered items include; a motorcycle, 3 generators, 3 TV screens, 45 and 15 motor vehicle coil parks, and computer boxes respectively, over 10 heavy duty alternators and starter motors, 15 wheelbarrows, assorted construction, and other household materials.

The Lilongwe Police detectives identified Pilirani Chisuse as one of the ring-leaders of a seven member group that has been terrorizing Kaphiri, Pondamale, Kawale,  in Areas 36, 22, Mtaya and other locations in Lilongwe.

When detectives arrested Chisuse, who is popularly known as Pido among his peers, he revealed two identities of the two colleagues, and later led police to different places where they either sold or kept the stolen property.

Meanwhile, police have intensified the manhunt for the remaining four suspects.